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"Brainsfeed took on a thorny challenge of finding a B2B audience that feels like it does not need to be approached, nor make itself visible digitally. They delivered a good quality list of leads, a little late – but acceptable given the scale/difficulty - and they were honest about their performance which always wins a lot of brownie points"

Ben Flint – VUULR COO 
List of Conferences
Conference Focus Organizers Conference Year Contact
The Chemical Innovation Conference 2019 the topic of corporate innovation Merlien Institute 2019 Poststrasse 6, 60329 Frankfurt, Germany TEL: +49 69 506070-0 Email: Contact form:"
Back End of Innovation 2019 the topic of corporate innovation KNect365 2019 The Mirage, Las Vegas, NV, US Telephone - 888.670.8200
TECHINNOVATION 2019 technology Intellectual Property Intermediary (IPI) 2019 10 Biopolis Road #02-01 Chromos Singapore 138670 Telephone: +65-6653-4910
OpenLivingLab Days the topic of corporate innovation European Network of Living Labs 2019
Biosimilars Summit 2020 corporate innovation professionals Lexis Conferences 2020 Concert Hall M2, Thessaloniki, Greece

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Find out all the conferences and the countries of their respective organizers and segregate them by region to launch a marketing outreach campaign.


We curated a list of all conferences with some key details of the organizers including contact details for choosing the right organisers.

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Total Datapoints:  88

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  • Organization's Revenue
  • URL of the website
  • Founded year
  • Minimum project size
  • Postal address
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