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Fast growing startups trust us to gather the relevant data that can fuel their business development efforts. Very often, the projects consists of saving hours of research to the sales team so that they spend more time with leads and close deals rather than googling in vain. Brainsfeed delivers business intelligence. List of Leads, List of Suppliers, List of Distributors to give a few.

"Brainsfeed took on a thorny challenge of finding a B2B audience that feels like it does not need to be approached, nor make itself visible digitally. They delivered a good quality list of leads, a little late – but acceptable given the scale/difficulty - and they were honest about their performance which always wins a lot of brownie points"

Ben Flint – VUULR COO 
List of Prizes & Awards a Company Can Receive
Award Type Description To Apply Website
Business Intelligence Group-Sustainability Initiative of the Year Sustainable Developments in business Award The Sustainability Awards will honor those who have made sustainability an integral part of their business practice. Deadline: June 14th Nomination Form:
Business Transformation Award Sustainable Development Award Business must change... Our planet is on the brink of irreversible collapse and increasingly society expect companies to lead and address these social and environmental challenges. This award will reward companies that have embraced innovative opportunities to develop a sustainable business model for the future. Deadline: 3rd June, 2019 Nomination Form:
Clean Energy Transition Award Sustainable Development Award To meet the 1.5-Degree target requires ambitious investments and innovations in new clean technologies. The award will go out to companies that have developed innovation in a clean energy initiative or project that has been enabled by technology. This award will celebrate an ambitious strategy which embraces the net-zero mindset and is taking a lead in addressing carbon-impacts across its value chain. Entries will be considered over a 2 to 5 year timescale, but activity during 2018-19 must be demonstrated. Deadline: 3rd June 2019 Nomination Form:
SDG Impact Award Sustainable Development Award This award will recognise a company initiative or campaign which is best aligning impact to the SDGs and sets industry-leading standards as a company. Entries must demonstrate measurable impact on the Global Goals. Deadline: 3rd June, 2019 Nomination Form:
Green Product of the Year Business Awards This diverse industry awards program offers companies, their products, their people and their tactics a chance to be globally recognized by panels of business veterans and leaders. Nominations will open soon for the 2019 BIG Awards for business. Sample brochure from 2018:

The original table contains 90 rows and 7 parameters amounting a total of 630 data points. We highlighted a few in the table above just to show some interesting data points on the topic.

Award Description

Company recognition is one a good market strategy to improve the brand image.


We curated a list of prizes or awards a company could apply for and have the chance of winning the same. This list is built after assessing the type of the company and its business model.

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