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Gain Access to the Vetted Network of 5,000 Analysts

It’s our mission to find you the perfect team to take on your questions. Our analysts are vetted by a strict process with extensive rounds of testing, background checks, compliance, and due diligence. They are then trained via comprehensive Brainsfeed Academy modules to impart standardized protocols and proven methodologies. They are committed to finding the quality information you need.

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We Provide Diverse Services to Match Your Needs

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Desk research

Receive a concise answer, compiled from secondary web sources in just 48 hours.


Expert Research

We provide you with an answer extracted from the private sphere by a qualified expert.


Custom Research

Get an answer to your more in-depth questions, created by a curated team within days.

Our process

We Help You Refine & Scope Your Project

First, we determine what type of service you need. Then, you can steer us in the right direction with your answers to the following questions.

  • How urgent is your project?
  • When would you need this finished?
  • What are your expected results?

From there, we design the ideal project to match your needs and efficiently answer your questions.

Recent Projects

What Type of Question Do You Need Answered?

We work with organizations across a broad range of industries. Whether your company is a digital marketing agency, an audio engineering startup, or a global consulting firm, our extensive network of analysts is prepared to answer your toughest questions.

Market Entry in China and Southeast Asia

How does technology impact the coaching and mentoring business?

TV & Film Content Rights

Who would be the best audience to contact for outbound business development?

Commuter Information

What are the benchmarks for digital transformation projects in major cities?

Extensive Scope of Services

We Use a Bottom-Up Approach to Crack any Research Question

From lead generation to market analyses, we’ve got you covered. Our analysts have a variety of backgrounds, industries, and experiences that prepare them to solve your most pressing research questions.

Fair Rates, Every Time

We Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Gain Access to the Vetted Network of 5,000+ Analysts

The price you pay depends on the breadth and depth of the question asked. The less time required to research thoroughly for your answer, the lower the price will be, and vice versa - it’s that simple. We make sure the price is right for what you need.